When i listen to this lyric by Pink Floyd I feel very strong that all we really have to work on is our own ignorance. That ignorance makes us blind for other people, for the world around us and ourselves. How can we put someone out of our hearts? How can we judge and condemn others? This is only possible when we are blind, ignorant and caught in our own judging thoughts. We make up stories in our mind and believe it to be true without conscious reflection about it. In our blindness we believe things to be right or wrong, good or evil, worthy or unworthy and so on. We end up creating a separate reality based on our own judging mind.

In our deeper wisdom we know it is not true, we made it true only by believe it to be so. Our deeper wisdom knows that nothing is absolute. Everything and everyone have all the spices of life and it is in itself a mystery, a potential for good, evil, ugly, beautiful and so on. Nothing is written in stone. When we judge and decide what things are we are closing this mystery and appreciation for what is. We think we already know and get caught in our minds – and become tragically blind for the present moment.

Everything has it all, and depends on how we see it, on what perspectives. To free ourselves from ignorance is to open our hearts, be present and alive. True love and true acceptance has room for everyone and for every feeling. True love is not clouded by our judging mind because it embraces all – no matter what. It has no demands, and no rules. It is not exclusive or hidden. It has room for everything. To not turning away means that; in every given moment we can embrace and be open to life, or we can close down and judge in our own illusion.